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Evolve Project Consulting


Our contracts are built to protect the client…

Contract Administration is a broad term used to describe a variety of responsibilities in the management of contractual relationships between parties. At the core of each responsibility is the contract.

Through our advanced technical knowledge of trades and services we construct contracts, scopes of work and technical specifications from the “ground up” for all aspects of construction and development (for all types of construction).

We structure bid packages for lowest cost construction whilst maintaining the highest quality standards & effective time use.

Dispute Resolution

EVOLVE proactively manages each project to minimise the likelihood of contractual disputes arising.

The measures we routinely adopt include:

  • Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each party prior to tender;
  • Managing the production of unambiguous tender documentation;
  • Maintaining effective project communications
  • Ensuring early escalation of areas of potential conflict for resolution.

Developing quality contracts, scopes of works and technical specifications provides numerous advantages;

  • It ensures accurate and consistent tendering and pricing from contractors and sub-contractors.
  • It enables a simpler examination procedure during the tendering and negotiation stage.
  • It establishes procedures for treatment of claims, variations, delays, defects liability period, retention, liquidated damages and much more.

Following this model we have developed practical procedures to deliver a streamlined contract administration process.

Contracts Administration: Specifications, Contracts, Tendering, Negotiations, Claims, Dispute Resolution