Evolve Project Consulting
Evolve Project Consulting


As a Project Management company, EVOLVE surpasses most other organisations in its understanding of remediation methodology due to the simple fact of experience and exposure in this specialised field.

We have successfully dealt with every type of waste, from INERT SOLID WASTE to RESTRICTED HAZARDOUS WASTE.

EVOLVE has effectively decontaminated service station sites, chemical production facilities, and industrial site converted to residential sites.

Our experience covers all forms of decontamination activities including:

  • land farming
  • air sparging
  • deep and shallow well chemical injection
  • chemical encapsulation
  • excavate and dispose
  • decommissioning and disposal of UST’s

Decontamination and treatment activities are usually expensive endeavours and if you do not have the right team, the decontamination costs can really “blow-out”.