Evolve Project Consulting
Evolve Project Consulting


Conduct project feasibility studies and reviews indicating total projected revenue including:

  • Land Purchase
  • Finance
  • Interest
  • Consultants fees
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Statutory Charges & Contributions
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Leasing / Selling

Budget Formulation:

Formulating project budgets prior to full development of design data.

Cost Analysis

Analysing and comparing different constructions methods to determine the most cost effective form of construction.

Cost analyses will improve understanding of program operation.

Conceptual Estimating:

Usually the first costing step of proposed developments, assigning cost parameters to a project during the earliest phase of project design, prior to establishment of a defined scope or plan.

The conceptual estimate is part art and part science and for this reason there's no template or framework to work to. Experience, insight and feel are the major parameters utilised in formulating a conceptual estimate.

Conceptual estimating can often steer the design process to a more economically feasible product. It is also essential in defining
(in more technical and specific terms) the project scope.