Evolve Project Consulting
Evolve Project Consulting


A successful project usually starts with thorough project planning

It encompasses development of the project plan, and follows through into a breakdown of the work to be performed, and finishes with the integrated project schedule.

Conceptualisation of preliminary design outlines and interpretation of client requirements followed by preparation of a comprehensive design brief.

Initiating the development of the preliminary design outline into a working model through our design team.

Coordinating architects, structural / mechanical / hydraulic / fire / geotechnical engineers, town planners, surveyors, accessibility (DDA), environmental consultants.

Liaising with councils (liaise with council town planners, pre DA meetings, DA lodgement).

Preparation of CC (Construction Certificate documentation).

Preparation of OC (Occupation Certificate documentation).

…initiating, coordination, preparation & review

Configuring tasks / activities and associated duration and resources (to execute those activities) and compiling them into a project schedule. From this schedule we can accurately calculate expenditure (down to a weekly cost if required) and resources at any given moment for the duration of the project.

…precise expenditure & resource calculation for all stages of the project

Value Engineering: EVOLVE has extensive experience in evaluating complex projects, determining cost effective methods for the construction of projects. This is achieved by examination of function and purpose of each element.