Evolve Project Consulting
Evolve Project Consulting


Due to the growing importance of safety in the workplace and employers responsibility regarding regulatory obligations and especially Duty Of Care, EVOLVE is well established in Hazard identification and Risk assessment auditing in regards to WorkCover and Occupational Health and Safety issues.

Our assessment methods are best suited to construction sites and completed buildings and structures.

By implementing our proven assessment models and criteria we can identify work place deficiencies and develop Hierarchy of Controls and elimination / management strategies. This process clearly identifies areas of risk (or hazards) be it a work method or defective / degrading building element and establishes the most effective form of control.

Mandatory OH&S and WorkCover Controls

EVOLVE is able to devise complete sets of mandatory OH&S and WorkCover management plans and risk assessments such as “Site Management Plans” that include all the required statements, controls, logs, inductions and safe work methods specifically required for construction sites. These documents need to be maintained and updated fortnightly.

Our model provides:

  • Identification and prioritisation of environmental, health & safety, and property issues/risks
  • Management system review and improvement strategies
  • Hierarchy of Control development and strategic planning
  • Preparation of appropriate policies, procedures and work instructions, using graphics and flow charts to enhance communication
  • Develop, measure and improve performance
  • Clearer definition of Duty Of Care and employers obligations
  • A safer work place

Our “Site Management Plan” includes OH&S statements outlining expectations and obligations of all parties involved in the construction and development process.